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Re: for my/your? listening pleasure / steve tibbetts

In a message dated 7/4/99 7:05:48 PM, ENAT21213@AOL.COM writes:

<< what's this one sound like?
man i miss the days of his heavy spastic guitar collages ( yr,safe 
journey,big map idea,the fall of us all)............his last collaboration 
(cho?) didn't really cut it for me. anyone know when he might release 
solo album? >>

No "spastic guitar collages ( yr,safe 
journey,big map idea,the fall of us all)" - which I really like -stuff 
but still real nice.  I had the great pleasure to see Steve Tibbetts (one 
my favorite musical inspirations) on the "Cho" tour this past spring and 
didn't know what to expect not haing heard the CD before hand.  I came 
from the concert thinking "well that was pleasant, no real ooh and ahh 
moments, but still real nice".  However, whenever I reflect back on the 
concert, I have to say that it was one the the best concerts I've 
both from the point of view of being the "detached listener" and of being 
"analytical musician".  Real restrained playing on both Tibbetts and 
Andersons parts but very intricate and nuanced.