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Re: smartmedia card for my 202

Here is what I did:

I bought my first one from the dealer I got my sampler from and I paid way 
to much.

I then went to: 


and found the best price. 

I'm in Canada and after shipping from the USA,  duty and exchange it came 
way cheaper than if I had got them locally or gone with the (never again)
proprietary Roland cards. I also used this method to get cards for my 
MS-1 when I still had it.

Hope this helps.


Kriist@aol.com wrote:
> i recently got my 202 and i love it
> i saw some brief talk(ive been deleting alot of mail lately)of buying a
> smartmedia card from not roland
> can anybody fill me in on who where and how much?
> my friend works at guitar center and he got me the 202 at alittle above 
> but the card he said is $70
> should i get that or somewhere else
> rodrigo