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Re: Mackie experts

On Sat, 26 Jun 1999, David Myers wrote:

> The Mackie 1202VLZ is in many ways just perfect--if it only had a send or
> two more!  I'm aware that the insert jacks on channels 1-4 can serve as a
> sort of send, but that's not exactly the best solution.  Are there any
> Mackie experts here who can give me some tips?  Any way to make use of 
> alt 3/4 bus?  I'm looking at the block diagram here, and there's 
> loads of flexibility, but haven't figured it yet.
        I do exactly this with my 1202.  I use the 1 and 2 sends and then
use the 3/4 bus to send stereo to another effects processor.  I then run
the output of that processor back into the board, works great.  It means
that you won't be able to mix a dry sound with the wet through the board,
but for what I'm doing that doesn't matter so much.


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