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Re: tc 2290

> talked to a guy from tc last monday and asked him about the 2290. he told
> me that this unit is still produced, BUT you can't get the upgrade chip 
> need for longer looping & delay times (this chip is pretty old and not
> produced anymore - for years now!)

I would not expect the 2290 to last much longer.  TC can no longer provide
memory expansion because they no longer have a supplier for the necessary
ribbon connector that is used to hook up the upgrade chips.  This ribbon 
came from somewhere in the far east, and the company that produced it has 
out of business for a while.  So any 2290 you pick up today will never have
more than 4 seconds of sampling (well...8 seconds if you put the unit into
"double sampling" time, but the audio will be degraded a little).  They 
also discontinued both of their footcontrol units for the 2290.  This 
makes the
2290 nearly useless as a live performance looping device.  This also means 
can only access the 2290's 5 fx loops via many front panel button presses.
After all this, when you consider the fact that the 2290 is still an 
expensive device, I don't see how it's gonna stick around much longer.  If 
would considerably drop the price, it might still be a viable unit for the
present and future.  But as it stands you can spend less money on other 
that will actually give you more combined options than the 2290.  In its
defense it is still is a great sounding delay though.