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Mackie experts

I am planning out a new feedback/looping setup and need a cheap but high
quality small mixer.  Ideally it should have four postfader aux sends for
the various loopers' paths; that's the rub.  And I'm tired of building
electronics to attain what might be had commercially, so that's out.

The Mackie 1202VLZ is in many ways just perfect--if it only had a send or
two more!  I'm aware that the insert jacks on channels 1-4 can serve as a
sort of send, but that's not exactly the best solution.  Are there any
Mackie experts here who can give me some tips?  Any way to make use of the
alt 3/4 bus?  I'm looking at the block diagram here, and there's obviously
loads of flexibility, but haven't figured it yet.

Also, does anyone have experience with the new "Pro" VLZ's?  Mackie's info
says "frequency response is virtually from DC to light".  What I really
would like is a top end around microwave, but heck....

David Myers