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Solaris/Dark Aether Project in DC area Friday

Hi Folks, just a quick reminder about our show with Solaris in the
Washington DC area this Friday. In addition to the information about the
show (at the bottom), I'm including a full Solaris bio:

SOLARIS was formed in Hungary in 1980 by university friends Istvan Cziglan
(guitar), Attila Kollar (flute), Attila Seres (bass), Vilmos Toth (drums)
and Robert Erdesz (synthesizers). Their name arises from a novel by
science fiction author Stanislaw Lem.  The original members were united by
their love of science fiction and progressive/electronic music artists
such as Vangelis, Mike Oldfield, Tangerine Dream, and Jethro Tull.  They
initially released a couple of singles (songs later to appear on the 1990
album).  Ray Bradbury's famous novel served as the inspiration for their
first full length recording Martian Chronicles, released on the
state-owned Hungaroton label in 1985, with Laszlo Gomor on drums and Tamas
Pocs on bass.  Now re-released on CD, this album is considered a defining
moment in 80s progressive rock with its haunting, intricate, and
classically influenced flute/synth/guitar compositions.

Even though Martian Chronicles sold close to 40,000 units, the state-owned
record company was more interested in disco-pop, and refused to release a
second Solaris effort.  After some members took part in the highly
successful Hungarian pop outfit Napoleon Boulevard, Solaris was given the
green light to release the double LP 1990, featuring superb symphonic
compositions from throughout the band's history.  Some tracks featured the
talents of Gabor Kisszabo on bass and Csaba Bogdan on guitar in addition
to the previous lineup.

Much to the band's surprise, they were invited by organizer Greg Walker to
perform at Progfest 1995 in Los Angeles.  Solaris floored the audience
with an incredibly tight performance, which was immortalized on the 2-CD
set Live in Los Angeles, with members of all band incarnations present.  
The concert rejuvenated the band, which garnered other festival
invitations, and was signed by Periferic Records. The past year has been a
busy one for Solaris, with the release of Attila Kollar's solo CD Musical
Witchcraft (featuring all Solaris members), and the adventurous new CD
Nostradamus, Book of Prophecies.  This soon-to-be prog rock classic is
based loosely on the cryptic quatrains of the famous French philosopher
and prophet(?), and weaves ethnic music flavorings, Latin operatic vocals,
and an edgier guitar presence into the classic Solaris sound.

Unfortunately Live in Los Angeles is the last Solaris recording to feature
Istvan Cziglan.  Illness forced him to be unable to perform at concerts or
to take part in the Nostradamus project.  In late December 1998, he passed
away suddenly.  Though deeply saddened, the rest of Solaris wants to keep
the musical legacy of their dear friend "Czigi" alive and create new
music. We are absolutely delighted to have this world class Hungarian
ensemble at the Phantasmagoria Club in Washington.. 


The legendary Hungarian progressive rock group Solaris will be making
their first US East Coast performance along with The Dark Aether Project
at 8pm on Friday June 25th 1999 at Phantasmagoria (301-949-8886) located
at 11319 Elkin Street in Wheaton MD. Admission is $15 at the door for this
all ages show.

Solaris' unique musical identity is based on a dynamic blend of virtuoso
flute, guitar and keyboards balanced by a driving rhythm section woven
into dynamic compositions that blur the lines between classical, jazz and
rock music. Solaris will be performing in support of their new release
_Nostradamus_ - their first studio album of new material in nearly a

Solaris is:
Csaba Bogdán - Guitar
Robert Erdész - Keyboards
László Gömör - Drums
Gábor Kisszabó - Bass
Tamás Pócs - Bass
Attila Kollár - Flute/Vocals 

The Dark Aether Project's music has been described as "jazz-inflected,
often minimalistic...classy... mature musicianship without
pretentiousness" by Progression magazine and "..intense and blistering
lead work...amazing loops and shimmering textures that are at once
haunting and dreamlike...worthy of attention." by Expose. The Dark Aether
Project will perform in support of their latest album _Feed The Silence_.
See http://www.DarkAether.Net/ for more information.

The Dark Aether Project is:

Adam Levin - Warr 8 String Touch Guitar/Keyboards/Loops
Yaman Aksu - Guitar/Hammond Organ
Ray Weston - Vocals
Allen Brunelle - Drums/Percussion/Keyboards

Directions to Phantasmagoria:        
Take DC Beltway (495) toward Silver Spring.  
Exit at Rt 97 (Georgia Ave) North towards Wheaton
Go 2-3 miles on Georgia, keeping to the right
Turn right on University Blvd (after Safeway)
Take first right onto Elkin.
Phantasmagoria is on the left