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Re: Patchbays and pedals and Pulses (Oh My!)

John Tidwell wrote:
> I will soon be adding a 2nd patchbay to my little home
> studio. While working on diagrams of possible
> configur-
> ations for my equipment, I have come to the conclusion
> that I am no longer (if I ever was) a "normal" kind of
> guy. I have been effectively "denormaled" by my
> association with Loopers Delight. I'm looping with the
> Echoplex & the Vortex. I'm even doing it on my
> Digitech
> 2101 and 2112. Now try to work into the equation the
> rack power amp, compressor, mixer channel ins & outs &
> effects sends & returns, etc. I just want to have
> complete flexibility as to who's on first, who's on
> second.
Hey john

if you want the rolls of patchbays have a look at the switchblade audio 
switcher 16 in 16 out 100 programs that recalls your preprogrammed

its at http://www.soundsculpture.com

and download the small winblade application (PC) to have a good wiew of
the huge potential
of the patcher

> Would any of you care to comment on the Waldorf Pulse
> Plus synth? Rack mount, mono, analogue synth with

I own a 4 pole filter wich is the filter,adsr, etc stage of 
a pulse (NO oscillator tho) but made only for audio input
Wonderful sound, very fast envellopes 

now choosing beetween the 4pole and the pulse is a compromise thing:

Pulse: incredible fat analog mono synth but the audio in is just a
4pole: only the filter,adsr etc but optimised for audio in but no sound
generation ...

did you think about a clavia Micro Modular www.clavia.se
this one is on my wishlist

hope this helps you
and feel free to ask for more