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Re: Zoom 2100 or Headrush

I have very little experience with the Zoom 2100 so I can't give an honest
comparative analysis. Everything I initially said about the Headrush (see
the Loopers page) still holds true. The one aspect I've really enjoyed is
the Tape Echo mode and the Damping function which allows for the delay
feedback signal to be softened. I use my Headrush in conjunction with a DOD
Dimension 12 and, by using the damping, I can emphasize one loop over
another. Of course, the extra delay time is a major plus as well.

> I'm looking to get some more delay time worked into my set-up and was
> curious if anyone had an opinion as to the merits of the Zoom 2100
> versus the Akai Headrush.  The Zoom has a few extras, the Akai has more
> loopable delay time and costs about $30 more.  I know this has already
> been discussed a bit recently so mainly I'm interested in any tricks
> that users of either have discovered that aren't necessarily obvious
> (delay time is obvious, but odd ways to warp the delay, etc. wouldn't
> be.  Something like that.)  Decisions decisions.
> And, in an effort to raise the $$$ to pay for these or other delays (the
> more the merrier), I have a short list of CDs for sale.  Email me
> privately if interested (no loop music, but plenty of loopy music).
> Kevin@minds-eye.org
> Thanks
> Kevin