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Re: who's Robert Poss?

Robert Poss -is best known as leader of semi obscure Band of Susans -based
in nyc in the mid eighties early nineties -most people describe them as
sort of more melodic -anti dissonant sonic youth 
he favors a interesting use of sustain -harmonic content in his guitar
playing composing -very rich with overtones -uses G&l axes & marshall or
park amps 
think he plyed with Branca -definetly has worked with Rhys Chatham-Phill
Niblock-Nicholas Collins 

saw him play here in Louisville with BOS around 94 -good show 

saw him play at Experimental Intermedia in NYC   in march -LOTS of looping
gear (at least 3 JM boomerrang etc),effects & modular electonics --

think hes recording other folks work as much as performing --

it should be interesting    K

At 05:21 PM 6/11/99 +0200, you wrote:
>does anyone happen to know Robert Poss? He's a guitarist from NY and will 
>do a concert here in Cologne/Germany tomorrow, as part of an avantgarde 
>festival. Is it worth going?