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Re:"The Unbearable Lightness of Trying to Buy an EDP in Aust

In 1997 I met an australian busker playing in Barcelona (Ramblas), his 
name was
Lindsay Buckland and he was using a JamMan and a lap dulcimer with a strap
(played like a guitar), magnetic pick up and Rolan GR somethig. 

Intresting coincidence with Trent's set up.


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Assunto:    "The Unbearable Lightness of Trying to Buy an EDP in Austral
Autor:  trent1@iinet.net.au
Data:       11/06/1999 10:55

Hi everyone, Trent humphreys from Australia here,My god you have no idea
how hard it is to get an EDP in Australia at the moment!!!
     Could someone in the know please explain?!!!
    And this is an incredibly valuable site guys, I'm a looping busker
from Western Australia, and it's great to be connecting with likeminded 
people!  -www.imago.com.au/vrl/trent      Cheers!