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Re: VCO out on Digitech 7.6

John Paris wrote:

> After a year of searching, I got myself a Digitech 7.6 Time
> Machine. However, I don't have a manual. What does the VCO
> out do? What sort of pedal would I use for it?

> ----------------------
> John Paris
> john.paris@cpa.state.tx.us

On both of my 7.6 Time Machines the last 3 jacks in the back are, VCO
Pulse, trigger pulse and trigger footswitch.

The vco control will sweep the range of the delay when a + 5 volt pedal
is inserted. Very cool. You can make one easily from a passive volume
pedal and parts from Radio Shack. A 9 volt supply will work fine. More
info from Craig Anderton, reprinted by permission at

trigger pulse accepts a + 5 v pulse from some drum machines and synths;
one pulse = one bar of music. I use an old Roland  TR-626 as it accepts
midi and can put out control voltage at any point that you place a
click.I don't use the voices just the pulse so it plays soundless.

trigger footswitch will accept a momentary button, I can't remember but
probably normaly open type so that when its in sample mode you can
trigger the sample to play from the begining everytime that you step on
it, great stutter and surprise attack potential.

hope this helps.