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Re: Korg ToneWorks AX1-G

> >> At 10:44 AM -0700 5/31/99, Hawkeye255@aol.com wrote:
> >> >I use the Akai Headrush everyday and I get NO AUDIBLE CLICK unless I
> >>miss the
> >> >loop point badly.  Any sampler will click when the end of the loop 
>and the
> >> >beginning of the loop are out of phase.  And they will not click when
> >>the end
> >> >of loop and beginning of loop are in phase.  "Somedays timing is
> >>everything."
> >>
> >> this would be true except for devices designed specifically not to 
>click at
> >> the endpoint of the loop. (which I think should be the case for 
> >> designed for looping!)  We designed the echoplex this way, where it 
>does a
> >> quick crossfade between endpoint and startpoint, so you don't get a 
> >> In fact, I think the design was always that way, it seemed like a 
> >> obvious requirement right from the start. I'm rather surprised that 
>some of
> >> these looping devices coming out now didn't do something similar. You
> >> should be able to play anything into the loop, right up to the 
>endpoint and
> >> beyond, and never get a click.
> >>
> >> kim

Kim wrote :

> So, if there is still audio playing in at the point where you end the 
> you probably get a click, right? If you don't do a crossfade or use
> zero-crossing tricks, I don't see how you could prevent that. The
> discontinuity between the end sample and the start sample will sometimes 
> big enough to be an audible click. 

My opinion is that the problem is not phase discontinuity itself. 

Kim, I suppose you should have noticed something : What do you think
about these two similar cases ?

-1- a pure 10 khz sin wave   
-2- a pure 100 Hz sin wave

Do you think the problem is quite similar even for golden ears ?

if not, then you will probably find out the answer : the problem is not
where we suppose it is. Don't get trapped by waveforms on screens and
just think more in terms of energy!

> I guess the typical dj would be looping
> something with a percussive attack at the beginning of the loop, so maybe
> it's not so noticeable for that case.

In most cases, I never get a click, or very seldom .(If so, I just
sample again)
It is because my tempo is o'clock accurate with the flow I am recording,
and most of the time what I am recording comes out from sampled music
... at the exact same tempo. But it also works great with good old stuff
rock music anyway.

> But just wait, there will be some guy who finds it screws up his music, 
> boy will he complain! :-)

The main point of the DJRND2 is to loop records, and if you can get the
good tempo, most of the time it doesn't give any matter.

But of course I won't bet so much on live basslines recording for
instance, which is not what the DJRND2 has been mainly made for.