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Re: Plex Upgrade ideas: Loose the box.

Mark Sottilaro wrote:
> Here's a suggestion:
> Why not loose the box, guts and all?  If the wonder of the EDP is in the
> software, then let's do away with the silicon.  I've got a ton of it
> sitting in front of me right now.  I'd just love a software version of
> the Echoplex that I could run on a Macintosh.  Especially if it could
> sync to a MIDI sequencing program, such as Metro.
> Is this possible?

Its probably possible 
but then the loopers delight would be transformed in a bug report,
computer configuration hell , all the fatiguing background noize you
see/hear in every music software forum

remember there is no bug in the EDP software v5 (there is one but I wont
tell !):-) 


PS: the PC platform is probably the best for that.

HIHIHI hihihi (sorry couldn't resist)