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Re: BeatSyncing in the studio / poslooping

I've done something approaching Yesterday

The idea was to extract the groove from a wav drum loop to feed it
afterward in a sequencer 
as a mod source for effects

here is the routing and processing i used (all vst plugs)

drum loop---Dpole band pass---gate----write the resulting

the band pass filter is for selecting the drum loop instrument (low freq
for the BD med freq for the snare etc..)

the gate is for giving me clear impulses edges of the D loop freq

I wrote to wav 3 "grooves" each giving me the groove of a frequency band

those 3 wav were analyzed in recycle resulting in 3 midi files playing
the 3 grooves

back in cubase where each midi file on its track is now considered as a
trig for a multieffect

the parameter I wanted to control was the filter in my G force so I
assigned a low value to the BD track a medium value to the snare and a
high value to the hat

instant groove when you play the guitar "morphed" by a drum beat