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Zappa music...city of TINY loops....

hey all

i gotta be honest - i do only about 1-2 loops in this band!! as part of the
crazy jam in "King Kong"... but nevertheless - i know there's some Zappa
heads in here.

Frank actually does a bunch of looping starting in say 84 - he would trap a
chord or a 
tweaked out odd-time line, let it loop and solo over it ...check out
"guitar" or " does humor belong in music ?"...anyway...

We, (project object) will be setting off on a 12 date tour - in mid June 99

- Bringing you a ton of Zappa music - performed live on stage. And - with
Frank's lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Ike Willis. Ike first appeared
on JOE'S GARAGE (as Joe) and was on every subsequent Zappa tour excepy
81-82 and every LP/CD with vocal content....

So--- scoot over to the site http://www.projectobject.com and get some
info.... - it's all east coast, sorry - but we'll be as far south  as
Towson MD, as far north as Buffalo NY....wif Boston just added (see ya

Jun 9-20
Project Object with Ike Willis on Guitar & Vocals
performing the Music of Frank Zappa

peace, pls email me for more info, to get on our email list - or check the


-project object-

self promotional digital junket off.