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Re: Save the Echo Plex and a Joycean digression

uh, you guys are getting a bit ahead of yourselves again. nothings been
canceled or in any danger of that. (it was in danger of that, in the recent
Oberheim massacre, but that danger is well passed.)   Gibson is just moving
the production to a different division, Opcode. This means there is a
temporary delay in new units while they get things going again. The
advantage of people contacting them about it is that they will see the
interest out there, and they will move faster to get the new units

It probably wouldn't be completely appropriate for me to organize petition
drives or whatever (I don't have time anyway....). But if you all want to
do that, chances are good that I wouldn't stop you....


At 7:06 AM -0700 5/27/99, Sean Witters wrote:
>I'm a Jam Man user myself, but I would hate to see the Echo Plex go the 
>of Sellon's masterpiece.  Kim, since you are running this show, why don't
>you put together an e-petition here on Loopers Delight to send to Opcode.
>It would also be a fine idea to include desired modifications.  If we 
>send in a serious looking proposal/petition it might shore up any leaks in
>Opcode/Gibson's confidence.  Lexicon abandoned the Jam Man because they 
>little faith in it's vaibility as a profitable item.  I'm sure that 
>doubts are being harbored by Opcode, after all as much as we love our
>loopers, they are a niche product in many ways.  Not that they should be,
>but not everyone is interested "in that other word".  (Pardon the literary
>reference, the quatation is from Leopold Bloom's letter in Ulysses.  Bloom
>means to write "other world" but instead leaves us to contemplate "other
>words".  Pardon the Joyce refrence but Faulkner was noted the other day 
>as a
>looper and if we are going to invoke literary loopers Joyce must be
>mentioned.  I've actually Looped readings of the Molly Bloom chapter which
>is terribly appropriate since the symbol for the chapter is a lazy 8 and 
>text is designed as an infinite loop of doubt and 
>the parenthentical digression, save the Echo Plex.
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