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Headrush in the UK - coming some day, maybe

Hi all

According to an ad in "Making Music", the Akai Headrush is available in the
UK, priced GBP 139.00, which sounds pretty fair.

So - all you long-term owners - could you remind me: is there an audible
click at the loop point, or has anyone found a work-around for it (or did I
just mis-read, and it gives a crystalline response under all conditions)?!

Oh - and new CDs: can't Wait for the new Bill F (down! sit! good dog etc)
but I'm surprised that no one's mentioned the Steve Tibbetts recording with
the Norwegian fiddle players, given the collective enthusiasm for his
previous work. And David Toop has a new(ish), quite dark work ("Museum Of
Fruit") which some here might appreciate.