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Problem unsubscribing from epigram@egroups.com

We're sorry, but we haven't been able to unsubscribe you from the
epigram e-mail group as requested.

The e-mail address you sent your message from


is not a member of the epigram group.

You probably subscribed under an address different from what you
currently use. To unsubscribe you, we need to know what address was in
use when your subscription started.  Fortunately, there is a way to
retrieve this address.

Find one of the messages you have been receiving. Go to the headers at
the top of the message and find the "Return-Path:" (Some e-mail
programs, like Eudora, optionally let you hide this information.  You
can unhide it, for example, in Eudora, by clicking the "Blah Blah
Blah" button.)

Please look for a header like: 

'Return-Path: <epigram-return-1234-user=host.dom@egroups.com>'

The information in the header that occupies the same place as


in this example is the e-mail address you were subscribed under.

To unsubscribe, we ask you to send a message to


replacing "user=host.dom@egroups.com" with the address information
in the Return-Path header of the message you received.

After that, please reply to a confirmation message we will send, and
you should receive back a message that you're removed from the group.

If this still doesn't work, please forward a group message you've
received together with a note about what you're trying to achieve to
the group moderator:


We're very sorry for this inconvenience.

The eGroups.com Team
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