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[Fwd: Emigre News-Two New Books]

New Additions to the Book List: Palm Desert and Emigre Magazine Volumes

Palm Desert

A Book by Rudy VanderLans Based on Lyrics and Music by Van Dyke Parks
Published by Emigre
Palm Desert is a combination travel book, fan's tribute, Chamber of 
Commerce propaganda, and music review. This visual/verbal acid trip is 
based on the 1968 musical composition Palm Desert by composer unique Van 
Dyke Parks. Somewhere between fact, fantasy and fiction, this book 
strives to echo Parks's creative approach of blending classical, 
historical, vernacular, experimental and political themes.
Photography and design by Rudy VanderLans.
Essays by Kenneth FitzGerald and Brian Schorn.
Typeface designs by Zuzana Licko.
Also includes a bonus music CD containing the original Palm Desert 
recording as well as three loose adaptations/interpretations by Itchy 
Pet, Honey Barbara, and Elliott Peter Earls. Playing time: 21 minutes.
96 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, 75 full color and duotone photographs, cloth 
cover with blind emboss, sewn and case-bound, CD attached in back. 
Available in U.S. only.
ISBN 0 - 9669409 - 0 - 3 
$24.95 (1 item shipping rate)
See the cover image at:

Emigre Magazine Volumes (#33-49)

To celebrate the publication of its 50th issue Emigre has put together 
100 case-bound sets (2 volumes each) containing "The Small Issues 
Series," Emigre 33 through 49. This collection of 17 issues gives a 
thorough and indepth overview of the heated debates that raged throughout 
graphic design in the 1990s. These are also the issues that have won 
Emigre inclusion in the very first I.D. Forty, the Chrysler Award for 
Innovation in Design, The AIGA Gold Medal Award, and the Charles Nypels 
Award for Excellence in Typography.
This set includes the "collectors" issues Emigre 38 and 42 (Regular price 
$50 each), as well as the original type specimen booklets introducing 
Whirligig and The Apollo Program Font set.
For information about the content of each issue see the Emigre Catalog 
99.01 or go to www.emigre.com
$148.00 per set (7 item shipping rate)
(Regular magazine value $219.25)
Only 100 sets available.
Orders are filled on a first come first serve basis. 
See the cover image at:

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