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A Request To Test!

Greetings All,

In an effort to add looping to the web in general, I've been attempting for
several years to get both/either Microsoft and/or Netscape to fix the sound
playing mechanism used in their browser(s).  As you might know from my
previous rants on the subject, the process used from the beginning was not 
loop, but a repeat, since there was a gap at the end of each complete
playing of the sound file.

Every time a new revision of Internet Explorer has emerged, I've made a
point to test this capability; this morning (several weeks after upgrading
to Internet Explorer 5, as well as a new revision of Media Player) it

I've put a sample test up at
http://www.primenet.com/~sgoodman/elslotwol.html for your testing, at your
convenience.  The sound file, an .au for size's sake, is only 176KB,
enabling a fairly swift download even at 28.8.  An email link to me is on
the page for the purposes of knowing what happened when you loaded the 

Thanks in advance, everybody.

Stephen Goodman * It's the Loop of the Week!
EarthLight Productions * http://www.earthlight.net