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Re: Midrange Freedom Fighters, lets hear it!

Let's hear it.  How bout a mp3

--- Steve Savage <steve@digitalm.co.za> wrote:
> Press Release:
> Midrange Freedom Fighters @ ICE freedom dance
> festival
> So who exactly are the Midrange Freedom Fighters?
> Part underground
> psychedelic trance terrorists, part all-night party
> people, but 
> mostly South Africa's first live psychedelic trance
> act. Blending 
> the mesmerising melodic structures and synthesized
> soundscapes of 
> trance with the hard danceability of techno, and a
> little big beat 
> funkiness thrown in for good measure, the Midrange
> Freedom Fighters 
> are a collective of some of Johannesburg's finest
> cutting edge 
> dance music producers. Fronted primarily by Jeff
> Fletcher (aka 
> Splonge) and Pierre Zeeman (aka paracyc) and
> featuring frequent 
> collaborations with some of the other trancients on
> the scene: 
> Starspine, Zentribe etc. Noms de guerre aside, the
> MFF have 
> considerable combat experience  within the South
> African dance 
> music scene with track releases on the early Get The
> Funk Out 
> albums, and dj work starting at the old 4th World
> and almost every 
> trance party that has happened in Johannesburg since
> the mighty 303 
> first graced our sunny shores. There have also been
> several live 
> appearances including Carfax, Earthdance, Synergy
> (New Year in Cape 
> Town), Rustlers Valley and now the ICE freedom dance
> festival. The 
> culmination of this will be the Millennium party in
> Cape Town, 
> organised by Vortex where the MFF will be playing
> alongside some 
> of the world's best psychedelic trance producers
> (Astral Projection, 
> Etnica, The Green Nuns of the Revolution etc.)
> Internationally, the trance movement has gained
> significant momentum
> since the early days of beach parties in Goa. There
> have been 
> parties in Israel recently with up 40,000 ravers all
> coming together 
> under the banner of trance.Even hardened house
> fanatics are being 
> subverted to trance with the inclusion on the most
> recent Sasha and 
> Digweed compilation of tracks by legendary trance dj
> Tsuyoshi Suzuki
> and from the Flying Rhino stable, both well known to
> tranceheads 
> around the world and frequent visitors to these fair
> shores. Because 
> of the incredible energy and spirit displayed by
> South African party 
> people, South Africa (particularly the Vortex
> parties in Cape Town) 
> is regarded by international djs and trance
> producers as being one of 
> the unmissable stops on a circuit of revels that
> carries them to all 
> four corners of the planet. The MFF have kicked it
> alongside such 
> luminaries, entirely holding their own and raising
> that spirit and 
> energy into a frenzy. It is this exuberance which
> the MFF are 
> currently hard at work distilling and shaping in
> their underground 
> sonic laboratories for the release of their debut
> album later this 
> year.
> ========================
> Contact : Jeff Fletcher mailto:jeff@citec.net

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