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Midrange Freedom Fighters

Press Release:
Midrange Freedom Fighters @ ICE freedom dance festival
So who exactly are the Midrange Freedom Fighters? Part underground
psychedelic trance terrorists, part all-night party people, but 
mostly South Africa's first live psychedelic trance act. Blending 
the mesmerising melodic structures and synthesized soundscapes of 
trance with the hard danceability of techno, and a little big beat 
funkiness thrown in for good measure, the Midrange Freedom Fighters 
are a collective of some of Johannesburg's finest cutting edge 
dance music producers. Fronted primarily by Jeff Fletcher (aka 
Splonge) and Pierre Zeeman (aka paracyc) and featuring frequent 
collaborations with some of the other trancients on the scene: 
Starspine, Zentribe etc. Noms de guerre aside, the MFF have 
considerable combat experience  within the South African dance 
music scene with track releases on the early Get The Funk Out 
albums, and dj work starting at the old 4th World and almost every 
trance party that has happened in Johannesburg since the mighty 303 
first graced our sunny shores. There have also been several live 
appearances including Carfax, Earthdance, Synergy (New Year in Cape 
Town), Rustlers Valley and now the ICE freedom dance festival. The 
culmination of this will be the Millennium party in Cape Town, 
organised by Vortex where the MFF will be playing alongside some 
of the world's best psychedelic trance producers (Astral Projection, 
Etnica, The Green Nuns of the Revolution etc.)

Internationally, the trance movement has gained significant momentum
since the early days of beach parties in Goa. There have been 
parties in Israel recently with up 40,000 ravers all coming together 
under the banner of trance.Even hardened house fanatics are being 
subverted to trance with the inclusion on the most recent Sasha and 
Digweed compilation of tracks by legendary trance dj Tsuyoshi Suzuki
and from the Flying Rhino stable, both well known to tranceheads 
around the world and frequent visitors to these fair shores. Because 
of the incredible energy and spirit displayed by South African party 
people, South Africa (particularly the Vortex parties in Cape Town) 
is regarded by international djs and trance producers as being one of 
the unmissable stops on a circuit of revels that carries them to all 
four corners of the planet. The MFF have kicked it alongside such 
luminaries, entirely holding their own and raising that spirit and 
energy into a frenzy. It is this exuberance which the MFF are 
currently hard at work distilling and shaping in their underground 
sonic laboratories for the release of their debut album later this 

Contact : Jeff Fletcher mailto:jeff@citec.net