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Re: EDP problem

>I have a question.  It happened to me twice already: I was on the stage,
>announced the next composition, and started playing.  My EDP was set:
>feedback half, overdub on, loop about 2sec.  The EDP, however, ignored the
>feedback knob and kept overdubing, like if feedback was on max.  I deleted
>the loop and started again.  The same like before, the EDP ignored the the
>knob.  I restarted the Echoplex.  And the same over again.  Finally, I
>turned the knob to minimum and recorded a short loop.  Then half feedback
>again, and then it was fine.  Since this whole operation was happening
>right on stage, you can imagine how frustrating it was. Any advice to
>avoid this problem next time?
>I am sorry if anything related to this was discussed recently here and I
>overlooked it.

Looks just as if the unit had received a MIDI feed back command and then
only listened to the front knob again when you moved it.

As you discovered, turning the FB knob a little is a save remedy.