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EDP problem

I have a question.  It happened to me twice already: I was on the stage,
announced the next composition, and started playing.  My EDP was set:
feedback half, overdub on, loop about 2sec.  The EDP, however, ignored the
feedback knob and kept overdubing, like if feedback was on max.  I deleted
the loop and started again.  The same like before, the EDP ignored the the
knob.  I restarted the Echoplex.  And the same over again.  Finally, I
turned the knob to minimum and recorded a short loop.  Then half feedback
again, and then it was fine.  Since this whole operation was happening
right on stage, you can imagine how frustrating it was. Any advice to
avoid this problem next time?

I am sorry if anything related to this was discussed recently here and I
overlooked it.




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