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Re: OT: Goin' to Taos for vacation - ideas?

Hello John,
           You might try the white water rafting. I hear it's excellent!!

Cheers, James

jmw/cmu wrote:

> My wife & I will be in the Taos, New Mexico area from 5/8 thru 5/22*.
> Just wondering if anyone on the list has ideas about interesting things 
> see & do in the area.
> I'm sure we will have no problem finding the usual tourist traps but
> sometimes you need inside help to find the really interesting  events &
> performances (the stranger the better).
> Thanks in advance.
> John
> * we'll be attending a workshop on building "Earthships" - completely
> off-the-grid sustainable housing using recycled tires, timber, bottles &
> cans.