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l.a. gig plug


        for any interested parties in the l.a. region:

        2 may 1999 (this sunday) at 8:00 p.m.

        bone structure:

        g.e. stinson: guitars, implements, loopage

        jeff gauthier: violins, loopage

        steuart liebig: basses, implements, loopage

        gregg bendian: drumset/percussion

        free-improv fun-and-games

        also apperaing is san francisco's own joel harrisson.

at the open gate music series:

Pasadena Shakespeare Theatre Company in the Pasadena Mall 296 Plaza, 2nd
Free Parking in the Mall parking structure Enter on Green Street between
Euclid and Los Robles
Call for Admission and Time(626) 795-4989

maybe i'll see ya there,