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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V99 #174

The second half of this message sounds like a project for you....

>>it---anyone know? Many otherwise interesting MIDI boxes, like the Peavey
>>1600,  or the Keyfax Phatboy, or the new Kurzweil ribbon controller 
>I would also welcome a stand-alone MIDI LFO box. One  soIution, if you can
>get your hands on an analog LFO,  is the Peavey 1600's CV inputs - they 
>convert up to +10v to midi.
>I've messed around in Max, making a LFO patch that tweaks every parameter 
>rebirth, including the selection of sequences,  it was fun but a hardware
>solution would be ideal.
>If you were completely insane you could autmate your CV pedals with hobby
>Imagine your bandmates' suprise when they see your pedals moving up & down
>under their own power...