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Upcoming sharkbrother gigs

Hi all

We'll be performing at Tings & Times in Hatfield Pretoria again on the 2nd
of May (for those surviving the Oppikoppi bash on Friday, perhaps some
mellow moods to straighten you out before the Monday rush ?) and at the
Aberlarde Sanction in Brixton on Saturday the 15th of May, followed by 
and Times again on the 16th. All gigs will start at 9pm.


********MEDIA RELEASE********


Cobus Rossouw, formerly of Sundogs, together with Steve Savage (Cargo Cult
and formerly Mind Astray) have formed a new band called sharkbrother. They
are hard at work perfecting present material and developing new and 
material that promises to continue on the trend of their ever-popular

The band, although they have been together since October 1998, are excited
about recent developments and now consider themselves ready for deeper

Cobus is best known for his venture with Sundogs together with Max and
Conrad Loubser. Sundogs was a great vehicle but the punk arrangements never
really did justice to the songwriting and though the musical ideology was
sound the delivery was never true to the nature of the material.

sharkbrother's musical style is a true reflection of the soul and nature of
the musicians, their lives and experiences. Their influences range from
Tindersticks to Travelpack. Instrumentation is simple, displaying a unique
and innovative blend of semi-acoustic archtop jazz guitar (Cobus) providing
the rhythm and electric bass (Steve) accentuating the melodic structure of
the songs.

Their demo album, consisting of 18 tracks is available upon request from
Cobus and include such songs as; Only Yesterday, Torture, Silence and Night
of Secrets.

The band's unique melodies, a product of Cobus's vocals and Steve's fresh
approach to the bass guitar, create a sound that differentiates 
from any other band, both local and international.

sharkbrother will be playing at Tings & Times on Sunday 18 April. For
further information e-mail sharkbrother at cobusr@satis.co.za


Steve Savage
Digital Mining Services
083 305 1136
011 807 5151