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Re: Notes on my Akai Headrush

I discovered the switch pop in the Loop Mode while recording a sustained
loop direct to recorder.It occurs when closing the loop of the 1st loop
before overdubbing. It isn't noticably audible when I use it in my normal
looping chain going to my amp. When looping in Normal Delay Mode, you can
set delay times without the foot switch, thus avoiding the pop.
Over-dubbable delay time is longer in the Normal Delay Mode. The switch pop
is a bummer but I still have no regrets. There are still many "quiet"
applications that I can use the Headrush for.

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> Have been following the Headrush reviews.  Sounds pretty cool and the
> is right, but as I'm often interested in soft, subtle sounds, the talk of
> "switch pop" is troubling.  Users, have you found any way around this?
> Does it occur in all modes?
> David Myers