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Re: Midi controller question

In a message dated 4/27/99 11:12:43 AM, you wrote:

<<Do any of you know of an outboard midi controller that
has LFO's that can be assigned to control another midi
device? My web search has been fruitless & I can't
believe that a (m)idiot such as I would be the first
to want a device like this.

No, you're the second...as far as I can tell. I've been wishlisting this 
around for several years, with equal incredulity, and everybody seems to 
reply (when anyone does) with something like: "Oh, I see, cool. Well, that 
would be nice, but don't hold your breath...."
...OR, they say to get MAX and build it on my Mac...but I want HARDWARE. 
only devices I've found are the Lexicon MPX-1 (or G2), which is unique as 
as I know in that its internal controllers can also be sent as 
continuous-control MIDI messages, but only if they're also controlling 
something else in the box, which means you'll eat up the  limit of 5 
destinations very quickly, and the various new Yamaha digital mixers. If I 
read the specs right, these guys can serve as sophisticated automated MIDI 
controllers, tho I guess I don't know if they have LFOs, come to think of 
it---anyone know? Many otherwise interesting MIDI boxes, like the Peavey 
1600,  or the Keyfax Phatboy, or the new Kurzweil ribbon controller 
all have lots of sliders, etc., but none includes an on-board LFO. 
seems to think you'll always have your hands free when you need to mod 
something, or will always have a sequencer running...
We need a MIDIOT guitar maniac to get involved here....(hint..hint)