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Re: Midi controller question

John-dont know if theres a stand alone controller that will do it but i can
do it my eventide 4000.thats no shit.......K

t 02:52 AM 4/27/99 -0700, you wrote:
>I've really enjoyed the Eventide discussion even though
>I don't own one. What I do own is a Digitech GSP 2101.
>It allows for the construction of custom algorithms,
>but lacks independent LFO's for controlling parameters.
>Do any of you know of an outboard midi controller that
>has LFO's that can be assigned to control another midi
>device? My web search has been fruitless & I can't
>believe that a (m)idiot such as I would be the first
>to want a device like this.
>Your assistance is appreciated.
>John Tidwell
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