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Re: EDP Midi Dump?

At 5:41 PM -0700 4/25/99, Clifford Novey wrote:
>Anyone completed a midi sample dump from an EDP to Cubase VST?

no, don't use cubase so I can't comment on that side.

>I get
>midi going through Cubase but EDP shows the percentage completed going
>very fast and on and on- then when I stop Cubase from recording or EDP
>from dumping there is no track there-

It's actually not percentage, since Eric never bothered to implement that
bit. :-)  The count is actually samples, I think. Basically it counts to
127 and repeats, over and over and over. Just let it keep going, eventually
it finishes. Be prepared to wait a really, really long time though. Midi
Sample dump is real slow. (its a midi thing, not edp thing).  Expect midi
sample dump to take about 80 times longer than the length of the sample. If
I were you, I would just record the audio out of the echoplex directly into
Cubase and forget about sample dump. Then it takes 1 times the length of
the sample. :-)

more sample dump stuff and other thrilling bits of echoplex knowledge can
be found in the echoplex faq on the LD site:



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