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ECHOPLEX Pedal not working...help!

As I was playing/figuring out my Digital Echoplex this morning, the 
"insert" button on my pedal board (the Oberheim pedal for the 
Echoplex) became a little stuck (not pressing down) and my pedal board 
became inoporable. I can't trigger the 'plex now, does anyone have any 
hints as to what to do now? Can I take the pedal board apart and 
try to "unstick" the button, therfore making the unit work again? Has 
this happened before? Thanks all...!

Joshua D. Pickenpaugh 
Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A. 
Bassist, Composer, Teacher 
Digital "GIGPIX" : http://welcome.to/kameleyonmusic 

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