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505 verses Rm1X

1. Rm1x better display by far
2. MC505 better sound design capabilities
3. MC505 offers way to save sounds              without patterns
4. Rm1x better pattern mix mode
5. Rm1x better sequencer 16 vs 8
6. MC505 wayyy cooler effects
7. MC505 add lib on the D-Beam
8. MC505 way steeper filters 
9. Rm1x smooth rounded sound- different
10 MC505 more in your face loud and             obnoxious

I own both of these machines and like them both...If you are into
soundtracking and triphop or ambient the Rm1X is the perfect
box...however if you are into jungle, hip hop, drum and bass, and other
more harder types ...the MC505 is probably the best way to go...THIS IS

** I would also like to take the time to appologize to those I flamed
the other day.....sorry, if we cant get along how can we expect to
help...anything so I WAS WRONG ...later