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Re: Stereo Jam Man

Would it not be more politically correct to refer to the device in 
question as the
"jam person"

Just kidding...everybody lighten up.

bethany cassin wrote:

> Now Chuck just because Kim is expressing his opinion you don't need to 
>take it
> to heart. Why don't you two just kiss and make up? Oh, by the way, let's 
> yet another thread on "Jamman"... is it Jamman, or Jaman? Begin.
> Forever yours,
> Bethany
> Chuck Zwicky wrote:
> > Kim,
> >  You never miss an opportunity to post condescending remarks about the
> > Jam-Man. I don't think that I have a chip on my shoulder, nor any 
> > towards the EDP.  I am a consumer. I am free to make choices about 
>what I
> > use. I have no vested interest in either the Jam-Man or the EDP. I use 
> > Sellon-upgrade o/s in my Jam-Man and It provides me with he ability to
> > quickly try various arrangement ideas and actually have three channels 
> > work with.
> >
> > I often send a stereo signal to the Jam-Man. I have found that the 
> > stereo dry path is invaluable. The ability to have three loops going in
> > different stereo positions adds enough spaciousness to the output, so I
> > don't particularly miss the ability to input in stereo.
> >
> > >I have to wonder, for what you are doing, why waste time with the 
>JamMan at
> > >all? Seems like a lot of bother with limited memory, constrained I/O, 
> > >of U/I, and weird midi control. Why not use something like the Roland
> > >SP-808? Or Acid on a laptop? Seems like those are much better suited 
>to it.
> >
> > I actually find the Jam-Man user interface quite streamlined and very 
> > to use.
> > I previously posted my thoughts on Jam-Man/EDP vs software. The bottom 
> > is that you don't need to take your hands off the instrument to work 
> > I have ACID and find that they don't allow the real time recording and
> > looping required for un-interrupted creative flow. Too much editorial 
> > involved. I do improv, all of these devices are designed for composing
> > using pre-existing sound files.
> >
> > The device that really interests me is the Eventide DSP4000. A friend 
> > one, it has many amazing looping possibilities.
> >
> > 
> > The moment of victory is much too short to live for that and nothing 
> >
> > -Martina Navrtilova