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Can't get no sleep


I'm braining again towards Echoplex improvement, (they're working on it
so what?...)

The topic of the day is the megaloop(TM)

the plex is capable of 9 different loops so what I'm proposing is a
megaloop mode
where we could loop the loops

example: a megaloop with 4 loops already recorded in the plex L1-L4

each loop gets a C.Cont.assigned for Megaloop (for the example cc1 =
loop1;cc2 = loop2;cc3 = loop3
lets prepare a MIDI message that will make the following Megaloop:
L1 L1 L1 L1, L2 L2, L3 L3 L3 L3, L4 L4 the Megaloop starts again until
we leave the Megaloop mode
or reprogram it on the fly for another variation

program your favorite footcontr with this message

this is nextloop automation

this is loop sequencing 

we could imagine making up very simply a loop that would take more than
seven hours to start again
9 loops X 128 repetitions X 22 secs = 7 hours ARGH

or with very short loops (<10 ms) granular synthesis

The example was a 4 step Megaloop now allow us 16 steps to build on (by
ref to Roland type of sequencing)

ARGHH Merde,Sh*T,Zobe,


Good night