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RE: Notes on my Akai Headrush

Sounds like this would be a great device at the END of a looping chain, to
create maximum swirl-a-bility on non timed loops!

Akai Headrush -- Tape Echo Mode:

*       This is the coolest function of the three. The Tape Echo function 
designed to simulate a 4 head analog tape delay. Each head has its own
output so that you can send multiple signals from the Headrush to multiple
amps or mixer channels. I plugged all 4 into my 8 track recorder and was
impressed. There is a Head-Gap dial where you can sync up the delay times 
the heads or stagger them. When they are staggered and you use the
individual head outputs, you get some cool quadraphonic echo. Maximum delay
time in the Tape Echo mode is only 5.9 seconds which kind of sucks but I'm
not complaining. There is a HF Damp function where you can dampen the
frequency of the delay feedback. This is supposedly designed to replicate
the lo-fi qualities of the old analog tape delays. It may be a useful tool
but the sound quality is too good to be mistaken for old tape heads. 

David Kirkdorffer