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Have Jamman and Boomerang - Want Echoplex

Hi, I am new to this list, but I was very excited when
I found it.  I am a big fan of looping, and I own a
Jamman and a Boomerang.

I have been trying, without much luck, to try/buy an
Echoplex in the San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley.

Nobody seems to carry it.  A few of the musical instruments
catalogs list them, but they mention 2-3 months to get one.

The Oberheim phone numbers and email addresses I got from
Harmony-Central are all out of order.

Some people even told me that Oberheim stopped producing
them for a few months.

Can anyone please provide advice on where I can buy a
new/used Echoplex?

I find the Boomerang sound quality and limited features
a bog drawback, even though it's great for messing around.

The Jamman has a much better sound quality but the limited
loop time is a huge drawback.

I am hoping to replace both of them with an Echoplex - if I
can ever find one.

Any help is greatly appreciated.