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hiya all - Philipp again

thanx for your help concerning my Echoplex Footpedal switch problems

can't help answering some of your comments though

to mark and the rest of the world: the only swiss looper I know of is 
Mich Gerber  -  CD Mistery Bay  -  a double bass player performing in 
switzerland occasionnally - you be the judge, but I am getting tired 
of the melodic minor mode after the second or third song

A CD will be released this summer on FMR Records England, containing 
some of my compositions and improvisations for trio (g/b/dr), acoustic 
guitar and acoustic guitar and looper - will be announced...

UNDO abuse might occur when you are experimenting a lot with the 
following combination

Record (short Loops) - Loop Copy - modifying loops with Insert (mode: 
replace), keeping the groove and Overdub - choose among the modified 
Loops with Next Loop while soloing - trying   H A R D   to get back 
the original Loops while improvising and mistreating the Undo button - 
ending the whole session with a giant Overdub to Mute

check it out, it's good fun and we will see who's playing wrong with 
all those feet and fingers rushing around at the same time - 'cause: 
Looping is one thing, but variation is everything (Guru Zuru)

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