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RE: Notes on my Akai Headrush

hey, hey. 

looking at the one i just got in the ups shipment. from left to right
outputs are:

mix (or dry when used in conjunction with effect from what i can tell), 
1 (effect), head 2, head 3, head 4, input.

mix and dry are for normal delay (and, i assume, loop function).

heads 1-4 are for "tape echo."

i'm going to try and get some time with it this evening. may try to post
other observations later.


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> Thanks for the info!  Very interesting!
> I can't tell from the picture on the Akai site what inputs/outputs the
> Headrush has.  It appears to have 6 jacks in the pix.  Can you describe
> the
> ins and outs?
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