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Re: Echoplex Footpedal

>Hullo all of you out there
>Does anybody know where I can get one of these nice but obviously
>shitty Echoplex Footpedal interruptors, the plastic ones with the nice
>red button made in Japan
>My UNDO doesn't work anymore and it must be the interruptor so one of
>you Oberheim guys definitely owe me an explanation if I can find them
>in Switzerland or send me at least one of them to replace

You overdid the undoing! For musicians that play wrong a lot, we recommend
the military type of switch... ;-)

Nikkai makes such a kind and its importer used to be Invertag, 
If not any more, Rolf might help you. Although Paradis is not in the
business any more, he might have some left. Try Rolf Spuler