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Hi all- I finally have my EDP!!!!!  Now I have and EDP and a JamMan- I have to say I think I will be keeping both for awhile- the Jam Man is easy to use and there is so much to learn about the EDP-
I am sorry if the following question is answered on the site somewhere but I am at work and do not have the time to search for it- i do have my manual but found no answer there either-
when syncing my DR-5 drum mach to the EDP I get piano sounds any time any function of the EDP is accessed- I have all tracks muted in my DR-5 except for the drum track- but when I start a loop there is a piano note recorded at the time I push record-
Also, the notes vary according to which function you access- for example- when you hit record, you get a D (I think) and then Overdub D#, Multiply E, and so on-
Anyone run into this before?
Well, i really hope to grow in my songwriting using the EDP - like standard verse,c,v, bridge etc- but listening to the #2 looper's cd and seeing how much you can do with the EDP I am sure I will be doing some serious experimenting in the future- I will post some snippets of my musings on my website asap- what is the best way to do this? I have a cable modem so for me i could just have a .wav file there but that could be slow for most- how about zipped files? Any suggestions would be appreciated-
Thanks all-