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At 04:53 PM 4/20/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Occasionally on this list, someone will offer up the fact that they or
>someone else that they know "is doing some *real cool looping stuff* on
>the Eventide".
>However, usually that's followed by someone asking a simple question
>about WHAT they're really able to do with it, looping-wise, only to have
>their question met with DEAD SILENCE (at least on-list).
>Do you have a secret Eventide Harmonizer looping discussion group?  Is
>there a password or secret handshake or something?

I've been trying to get details on that for about 2.5 years for the web
site, and so far have a combination of unfulfilled promises and dead 
to show for it. Since I don't really want to buy one just to do the web
page, whoever is divulging the secret handshake please share with me too.

Kim Flint, MTS                  408-752-9284
ATI Research                    kflint@atitech.com