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Eventide GTR4000 for sale (was Re: EVENTIDE.)

I'm selling a GTR4000 with the Alchemy 101 card (adds an 
additional 200+ newer presets) for $2200 plus shipping/ handling.  
Check out the Eventide website for more information at: 
http://www.eventide.com/profaud/gtr4000.htm .

The easiest way to find out about the looping capabilities of the 
Eventide GTR/DSP4000 is to call Eventide and ask to speak with
Scott Gilfix.  He's their resident loop fanatic and he can give you
more info about the looping abilities of the box than any one else
out there.  Phone # is 201/641-1200

However, here's a quick synopsis of some Eventide looping functions 
(when used with one of the Eventide sampling boards):
* Up to 87 second stereo loops (at 44.1k sampling rate)
* tap tempo looping
* easily adjusted feedback
* bpm/ #measure loops
* multiply
* undo 
* skew loops (right loop=x% time of left loop)
* pannable stereo loops
* pitch shifted loops

etc., etc, etc.

It works pretty damned well.  


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From: James Lanpheer <jlanphe@uswest.com>
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Date: Tuesday, April 20, 1999 7:33 PM
Subject: EVENTIDE.

>Occasionally on this list, someone will offer up the fact that they or
>someone else that they know "is doing some *real cool looping stuff* on
>the Eventide".
>However, usually that's followed by someone asking a simple question
>about WHAT they're really able to do with it, looping-wise, only to have
>their question met with DEAD SILENCE (at least on-list).
>Do you have a secret Eventide Harmonizer looping discussion group?  Is
>there a password or secret handshake or something?
>I'm a potential buyer of a Harmonizer, but more for the pitch-bend and
>various effects.  Any looping capabilities that it has are totally
>unknown to me and apparently, to others.  If anyone is currently working
>in this area, I'd love to hear from you!