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Re: EVENTIDE/Granular

>Occasionally on this list, someone will offer up the fact that they or
>someone else that they know "is doing some *real cool looping stuff* on
>the Eventide".
>However, usually that's followed by someone asking a simple question
>about WHAT they're really able to do with it, looping-wise, only to have
>their question met with DEAD SILENCE (at least on-list).
>Do you have a secret Eventide Harmonizer looping discussion group?  Is
>there a password or secret handshake or something?

This is certainly true. If there is a secret handshake, I've been left out.

But being lucky enough to own a used H3000 D/SX, I'll share my meager 

This unit doesn't have the upgrade sampling card, but the Mod factory
algorythm allows patching together numerous delays, panners, pitch
shifters, etc.

One of the modulatable parameters is delay "hold" on/off, so by sending the
random lfo, or midi to the two delays, you can get them to randomly hold
short chunks of audio, (as well as change delay times, etc).

I use this on the output of my Echoplex often, as it adds a pleasant random
variation to a steady loop. I understand the stock algos won't recognize
the sampling card, but the Mod Factory does! Unfortunately, Eventide
upgrades are a little too pricey.

What I'd really enjoy as a loop processor is a unit dedicated to various
stereo granular tricks. There's Kyma (and numerous non-realtime software
programs), but it'd be great to have a dedicated box for this.

Kim, you folks came up with the last word in long delay times with the
Echoplex, any thoughts about the ultra short delay times of granular