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Attention Boston Loopers!

Open FauceT presents

The Space Lounge

at Mobius in Boston

Friday 23 April, 1999



Open FauceT is proud to host a visit from 'The Space Lounge', at Mobius in
Boston this Friday 23rd of April. 

"What is 'The Space Lounge?'" I hear you ask. Well, it's a place to hang 
where your mind can wander (and wonder!) while your senses are charmed.

This Friday, we will be guided by a team of eight ambient & looping
explorers. The format to the navigation will be a round of small 10-15
minute excursions, followed by longer treks through the underbrush of tone
and tenacity. There will be several short intermissions for refreshments 
recalibration. You are invited to move around. 

Performances will be starting at 8:00pm. You may want to make reservations:

Mobius is located at: 354 Congress St Boston, MA 02210.  

Directions to Mobius can be found here:


Alphabetically, the team describes themselves: 

Asmodeus Spectre 

Asmodeus Spectre comes from the brain of Aaron Thall, a musician, composer,
listener, observer, electronickid from the boston area. Says Aaron: "I
usually don't plan a specific time to sit down and write a song, rather, I
run up to the computer when I feel the inspiration. Ii'm always working on
several songs at a time. Which song I decide to work on depends on my
current mood. Locking myself in my room and saying, 'I'm going to write an
awesome song write now' doesn't work... You'll either come out with
something insincere or spend an hour worrying about the exact quantization
and velocity values of an insignificant note. The inspiration behind the
different moods of each song comes from real life. You've got to get out 
experience the different emotions of living, then come home and get 'em 
the sequencer as quickly as possible. It's an audio form of

Dr. T.

I like to describe my work with phrases like Video Music and Image Jazz. I
am creating video pieces that use imagery and music on an equal level -
imagery becomes music, and the combination becomes something more than the
sum of the parts.

My imagery deliberately straddles the line between the objective and the
non-objective. Images from the real world are used and combined with the
intent to produce results that are evocative and 'musical', and which 
to the image subjects, but do not present a specific 'message' to the
viewer. The 'message', perhaps, is that things are more interesting than
they seem. Minor White's phrase "Photographing things for what else they
are," has informed my photography for many years, and informs this work as

Plastic Razor Protector

Plastic Razor Protector (PRP) is the semi-cacophonic, electro-sonic,
experimental vehicle driven by 2000 Joe Browns (2KJB). In its current
portable configuration, PRP consists of 2KJB, a guitar, a chain of pedals,
and an amplifier. Audience reactions have ranged from "[It] was really a
tickle" to "What the hell is that?"

rosS Hamlin 

rosS Hamlin is a member of the Mobius Artists Group, co-founder/director of
Open FauceT productions, and an active mixed-media performer in the area. 
graduated from Berklee College of Mucus in 1996. Tonight's piece was
recently premiered at Rhode Island School of Design.

The Very

The sound of one, twelve, three-hundred pianos builds to a climactic or
continuous loop only to be interrupted by the first quiet piano again, or
gradually undermined by a distorted bass rumbling. Then, sometimes it's 
ambient. Like all music, an experiment with silence replacement. The Very
lives in Boston.

Songs of Silt

The music of Songs of Silt began when Nick Carstoiu (keyboards, loops, 12
string guitar and vocals) and Jon Wobesky (trumpet, flugelhorn, bass 
melodeon, recorder and percussion) were waiting for the drummer in their
former band (Silky) to show up for practice. Nick, formerly with The
Freeborn and Twins Love School, has studied classical piano and cello, film
scoring with Earle Hagen and his band The Freeborn opened for the Velvet
Underground at the Boston Tea Party. Jon, played trumpet with the Jazz
Pilots and the Merrimac Valley Philharmonic, bass with Womb to Tomb and
Silky and everything with The Wild Shores. Appearing with Songs of Silt
tonight are Special Guests, Myriam Hammani (voice) and Susan DeLeo (guitar
and voice).

Zero Times Infinity

Zero Times Infinity use found sound, live sampling, on the fly electronics,
and a heap of scrap metal and assorted junk to create their sound and
performance experiments - sometimes ambient, sometime noisy, sometimes
harmonic, sometimes rhythmic and usually hard to put a finger on. Started 
1995 with a decision to avoid "what was known" by the participants, it has
continually developed in front of audiences by taking the creative element
to the stage rather than replicating old compositions. ZTI frequently 
on ideas discovered in the previous performance or destroys the old canvas
to restart from a fresh one. Every Zero Times Infinity performance is new.
Recent performances have experimented with feedback systems and recycling
sounds created on stage so that in some form the sound you heard in the
beginning still exists in an unrecognizable form in the end after many
layers and transformations have taken place.

Mobius, Inc. is funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council(MCC); the
Boston Cultural Council, a local agency supported by the MCC; the LEF
Foundation; the ArtsLink Partnership; New England Foundation for the Arts
(NEFA); Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts; and generous private