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Roland GR707 guitar???

I currently have a Roland GR300 and Gr303 synth unit and love it to
death. I have a line on a GR707 guitar and the GR700 floor unit and am
debating if I should go for it or not. I figured someone here might eb
able to help with some questions.

I know the synth engine in the unit well so i know what sounds it can
do. What I'm not sure of is what the knobs on the guitar do. On the G303
there is a separate knob for filter cutoff and resonance, a tri position
for Fuzz, Synth, or fuzz and Synth, and a knob to add the LFO amount. 

Does anyone know what the knobs onb the Gr707 actually do. From what i
read there is a knob for Cutoff (no resonace?) and LFO modulation speed.
the later woudl be very cool IMO as even the GR300 doesn't have a guitar
knob for speed, it just has one for amount.

Finally how well does the GR707/G700 unit track the internal synth? The
GR300 is almost flawless but I've always been wary of the GR series. 

Any other advice or info appreciated.


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