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Re: psd 1002

I've had that pedal for over 10 years. I've long since lost the manual but
the only way I could produce editable loops is to crank the delay repeats 
full and use it in the delay mode and not the sample mode. However, this
isn't a true set loop since it still degrades with each repeat. Once you
click the sample button, what you hear is what you get. I've been able to 
some cool things with this pedal, especially in conjuction with other
looping devices. Mine is getting cranky with age though. Its a pretty 
bugger these days.

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Sent: Saturday, April 17, 1999 6:08 PM
Subject: psd 1002

> just picked up an old digitech psd 1002 2second delay (the blue one with
> footswitches).  does anyone have a manual?  is it possible to add to the
> once its sampled?
> thanx
> jax1723@aol