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Re: Jam Man Noise

In a message dated 16/04/99 07:26:50 GMT Daylight Time, 
clifsound@earthlink.net writes:

> I noticed some static noise every time a loop began- to trace it I
>  disconnected everything from the unit except for the Out- no input or
>  Midi whatsoever- and whenever i create a loop I get this static noise-
I don't get this, but changing the delay time in echo mode usually 
produces a 
nasty click.
Once you start using midi input theres lots of  clicks.
One at the end of most loops on midi because the midi timingisn't accurate 
enough to
synch audio. Better to use the J to control a drum machine than vice versa 
this gets round the problem.
... and the loop fade glitches as well.

Do get the expansion memory though.$40 from visionsoft??

Andy Butler
Lexicon Vortex Database (new section on undocumented features)