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Re: cheap samplers / loopers

Dennis W. Leas did some serious work:
>Lately, I've been considering really cheap looping devices.  These 
>me for two reasons:
>1) I like "multiple-track" unsynchronized loops - the more the merrier

Isn't that like spreading chaos? Don't we search for sincronicity?

>2) I'm a loop evangelist - if more musicians had loopers,
>the world would be a better place :)

I tend to hope that, too (otherwhise I would not have invested 7 years and
quite some of my fathers money into it). Probably most of the list agree,
otherwhise would not be here, but we should keep the critical sense.
One thing I am sure of: If the world ist full of or fanatic for *anything*,
its not a good place ;-).

>I haven't reached a conclusion yet, but your message prompts me to share
>what I've found so far.
>1) REALLY cheap $44.95 (in quantity one) - the Jameco "Digital Voice
>Recorder Kit", part no. 116484, product no. JE920KIT can hold a 20-second
>loop with lo-fi bandwidth.  This would take some modification, a box, 
>jacks, etc.  Sounds like it would be fun to build a batch and sample
>audience members!

We (Aurisis) have a ready project for a cheap version of the Plex (no MIDI,
no sync) where all the components would cost about this. But there is still
the PCB, housing, wall wart, work, marketing... cost.

>2) cheap (about $75) - the Jameco "Digital Voice Module", part no. 124871,
>product no. DVM58D.  Can be populated with 16 Mb of DRAM to hold 5:35
>minutes of full audio bandwidth (44.1 KHz sample rate) or 17:20 minutes at
>lo-fi bandwidth.  Again, would require some modification to be used as a
>Neither permits overdubbing, which to me is a requirement for even a cheap

Definitally. The growing and fading seams to me like the condition for the
musical and personal developping side of looping.
The freezing side I don't trust so much ;-).
In our project, all of the editing functions of the Plex are available,
more or less immediately.

Unfortunately, Oberheim does not seam to have time to build it... someone 


PS: As for the subject, I hope that in the future, looing and sampling will
join into the same unit since it requires about the same HW.